Wedding Cakes

How to Place a Wedding Order

When to begin your order: It’s recommended that you contact us at least 6 months in advance of your wedding date.  It is possible that we can do it on a shorter notice, but you will make it so much easier on yourself and us with a 6+ month notice.

How to contact me:

  1. Email to
  2. Facebook message

What to tell me in your first message:

  1. Date – Eventually, I need to know if I will be setting up the day of the wedding or the evening before. Usually I set up on the day of your wedding, but if you will be in a location that will be air conditioned overnight then I can set up the evening before as well.
  2. Venue Location – Delivery is available for locations throughout the Greater St. Louis area, but delivery to some locations might have an additional delivery fee. Even if you are traveling many hours to your wedding venue, I am very happy to make your wedding cake/ desserts and deliver them to you or a family member before leaving for your wedding.
  3. Expected number of guests – This can be numbers of invitations sent out for now and we’ll figure out final total later. This helps us determine the number of servings we’ll need, how many tiers of cake, or number of individual desserts to plan for.
  4. Your vision– Color scheme, theme, inspiration photos, number of tiers, etc.
  5. Are you wanting flowers on your cake? – Fresh flowers? – Will I provide or will florist provide?- Or fabric flowers?

***Please make sure you include all this information in your first message to me.***

How I will respond:

  1. I will let you know if I am available for your date. (There is really no worry here.)
  2. I will let you know if I am available to deliver to your venue location and if there will be any extra delivery fees.
  3. I will suggest a certain amount of cake/ mini desserts/ etc. according to the number of guests you are expecting. However, we can always change this when we know the exact number of guests. I will ask whether you want to save your top tier of your wedding cake for your first anniversary.
  4. I will clarify any questions about your vision and give you an estimated price quote taking into considerations the details of the cake and the size of the cake. This is just an estimate and may change as we know the final guest count or if any details change. You are always available to see our price estimates below if you are just wanting to get an idea on prices.
  5. We will talk about flowers (if that is something you want) and if I need to provide. If so I will ask about colors, varieties, etc.
  6. I will give you the information about placing a cake tasting order. All the information is below as well. If you do decide to book a wedding cake with us, we actually reimburse you for your sample box by taking the cost off the final cake total. Just as a thank you for booking your wedding with us and allowing us to be a part of your special day.

How to try cake samples

A sample box can be ordered for any weekend. Sample boxes are $25.00 and if you choose to book with me that $25 will be used as a credit toward your final cake total. In each box you will get to try 6 different cupcake samples (2 cupcakes of each flavor for 12 total cupcake samples).

Flavors include:

  • Vanilla with vanilla buttercream
  • Lemon Raspberry with cream cheese frosting
  • Strawberry with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate with Nutella filling and vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate with Salted Caramel buttercream
  • Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting

The only substitutions that can be made to these boxes are in the instance of an allergy. Otherwise, I do not make custom cake sample boxes. You are always welcome to try my different cake flavor combinations/cupcakes at any of my events throughout the year.

Contact me with an email or Facebook message to order your sample box.

Contact us after trying the cake samples:

  1. Tell us which flavor/flavors you would like in your cake. We can do a different flavor for every tier. You are more than welcome to choose any combination of flavor from our cake flavors list, even if they were not in the sample box. Our full cake flavors list is HERE!
  2. Deposit: To secure your date you will need to make a $100 deposit on your cake. The rest will need to be paid at least 2 weeks before your wedding date. You can pay your $100 deposit by:
    1. Venmo (sent to @Sweet-Elizabeths) Make sure you see our logo to make sure it’s us.
    2. Online HERE by Credit Card
  3. If you for some reason you need to cancel your wedding cake order with us this deposit will be refunded in full to you. If you need to cancel, you must let us know 1 month prior to your wedding date to be refunded.

Contact us 1 month before your wedding date with:

    1. Final guest count – If we need to adjust the size of the cake to accommodate I will let you know my recommendations.
    2. Any changes you want to make.
    3. Timeframe – When will guests be arriving at the venue?- So I can plan for when I should arrive with the cake.
    4. Florist’s Arrival – If using flowers from the florist on the cake let me know when the florist will arrive so I can plan to arrive after. (If you don’t know this yet, please find out and let me know ASAP)
    5. I will respond with your final total. This total will need to be paid at the very latest of 2 weeks before the wedding.

Two weeks before the wedding:

  1. Respond with anything you did not know in any of the previous questions
  2. The final payment is due. You can pay by:
    1. Venmo (sent to @Sweet-Elizabeths)
    2. Credit Card through Invoice (simply ask for this option)

To see Wedding Cake Pricing- Click the Menu tab above and select cakes

***These are our base prices for wedding cakes.  The exact price will depend on the details of your cake.  It is best to contact us directly with your specifications and we can give you a more accurate price.

*** Also note these servings include the cutting of the top tier. If you plan to save your top tier of cake, you will remove 10 servings from the numbers listed.

*** All wedding cake pricing includes a wedding cake base.  So there is no need to purchase your own base.  For single tier and two tier cake you can purchase your own cake stand that we can set the cake on with arrival.  However, due to the weight of 3+ tiered cakes we recommend you use the base we will provide for you.***  No return of the cake base is necessary, however, if you are willing to return the base it is much appreciated.