Wedding Cakes

General Wedding Cake Pricing

*These are our base prices for wedding cakes.  The exact price with depend on the details of your cake.  It is best to contact us directly with your specifications and we can give you a more accurate price.

**We offer FREE delivery and setup at any location in Washington, MO.**

Delivery within 30 mile radius- $40.00 additional charge

Delivery within 60 mile radius- $70.00 additional charge

Cake Tasting

A cake should always look good and taste even better.  Create a cake tasting box personalized with 5 flavors you’d like to try.  A cake tasting box is $25.00. Find our cake flavors here and create your own combinations or choose some of our wedding day favorites:

Traditional White (vanilla cake, vanilla soak, and vanilla buttercream)

Dark Chocolate Dream (dark chocolate cake, vanilla soak, and chocolate buttercream)

Lemon Berry (lemon cake, triple berry soak, fresh berries, and lemon buttercream)

Classic Red Velvet (red velvet cake, vanilla soak, and vanilla buttercream)

Strawberry Shortcake (strawberry cake, strawberry soak, fresh berries, and vanilla buttercream)

Chocolate Chip Cookie (Chocolate chip cake, vanilla soak, edible cookie dough, vanilla buttercream)

Chocolate PB (dark chocolate cake, vanilla soak, honey roasted peanut pieces, and peanut butter buttercream)

Carrot Pecan (carrot cake, vanilla soak, pecan crumble, and brown sugar buttercream)

Banana Caramel (banana spice cake, vanilla soak, toasted walnuts, and salted caramel buttercream)

Chocolate Almond (almond cake, vanilla soak, toasted almonds, and chocolate ganache)

Nutella Strawberry (dark chocolate cake, strawberry soak, fresh strawberries, and nutella)