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Get the pre-order only exclusive Skiving Snack Box based on the Harry Potter Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes special treat box. Fred and George may have been mischievous with their snack box contents, but this snack box has treats you don’t want to miss.

The contents of the box are listed below. Anything with an asterisk (*) next to it is a treat that is exclusively in this box and will not be sold at Harry Potter Weekend during the Fall Festival.

  • Bertie Bott’s 11ct macaron box (see flavor list below)
  • *Fever Fudge Cookie Bar (cinnamon sugar cookie and peppermint brownie)
  • *Puking Pastille Cookies (matcha, raspberry, and white chocolate)
  • *Canary Creams (lemon sugar cookies with a lemon buttercream filling)
  • *Fizzing Whizzbees (birthday cake balls coated in pop rocks)
  • *Fainting Fancies (strawberry marshmallow fruity pebble bars)
  • Nosebleed Brownie (Dark chocolate brownie topped with edible cookie dough)
  • *Chocolate Cauldron Cake (chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling, and buttercream)

This year’s Bertie Bott’s Macaron flavors are:

  1. Butterbeer
  2. Treacle Tart
  3. Sherbet Lemon
  4. Gillyweed Matcha
  5. Avada Kedavra Death by Chocolate Mint
    Candy Floss
    Liquid Lucky Charms
    Harry’s Birthday Cake
    Umbridge’s Strawberry Milkshake
    SkeleGro Oreo
    Nutella Chocolate Frog

Skiving Snack Boxes will be available for pickup at my booth (in the pink tent) at the Downtown Washington Fall Festival on Sept. 23-25. The decorated cookies sets are the only things available for early pickup on Monday, Sept. 19th 6-7pm.

Festival hours:

Fri, Sept. 23rd: 4-7pm

Sat, Sept. 24th: 10am-6pm

Sun, Sept. 25th: 10am-4pm


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