Our New Order Form!

Place all orders through this form and help us streamline the process.  We will be trying to switch over most of our communication to this form and email.

Order Now!

With graduation season upon us, we are super busy.  Checking multiple platforms multiple times a week just is not the best use of our time.  By filling out this form for all your orders and communicating through email only it simplifies the process for both you and me.

Once you submit your order, you will get a confirmation email from us and we will be in contact shortly to discuss order details, price, payment, and delivery.

We’re super busy.  If possible, please give us


on all orders.

Occasionally, we will be able to fit in orders with shorter notice.  So don’t be afraid to email us and ask, but two weeks notice is greatly appreciated.

If you need anything, our email is sweetelizabethsbakeshop@yahoo.com.

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